What Does the 2G Sunset Mean for You? Discover Affordable Solar Upgrade Solutions

If you’ve landed here, chances are you’re considering the next steps for your SolarEdge solar system. In this guide, we’ll explore the exciting opportunities that SolarEdge brings to the table, particularly regarding system upgrades, enhancements, and the roadmap to an even more efficient, sustainable energy future.

Understanding the 2G Sunset and Your Solar System:

As many of you are aware, the 2G GSM network retirement by T-Mobile on April 2, 2024, has implications for SolarEdge inverters equipped with a 2G cellular modem. This shift is driven by the necessity for faster, more efficient, and capable communication systems. As technology progresses, older networks become obsolete, making way for advanced standards like 4G and 5G. The phase-out of 2G and 3G networks allows telecommunication providers to optimize their infrastructure, paving the way for enhanced connectivity and groundbreaking services. SolarEdge users must navigate this transition to stay seamlessly connected and capitalize on the latest advancements in cellular and solar technologies. The shift to 4G/5G service prompts questions about keeping your SolarEdge system online.

How can I keep my 2G SolarEdge systems online?

EnergyAid suggests exploring the Re-Energize Program, offering a cost-effective way to upgrade your existing inverter to a Home Hub. This upgrade not only provides a new 5-year LTE plan cellular modem but also extends your inverter warranty to 12 years. Additionally, you gain access to SolarEdge Home smart devices, including batteries and EV chargers. It’s an opportunity to future-proof your solar investment.

What happens if they switch to 5G or a newer technology, will I need to upgrade again?

The requirement for solar system upgrades, triggered by events like the 2G Sunset, hinges on the landscape of evolving technologies and industry standards. SolarEdge addresses this with solutions like the Re-Energize Program, tailored to enhance both longevity and efficiency of your system.

While the necessity for periodic upgrades exists, the frequency is variable. Notably,  4G (or LTE) is recognized as a global standard, reducing the likelihood of an imminent switch. LTE should remain a core technology for an extended period, allowing for overlap and compatibility even after the transition from 4G to 5G. Regular assessments will ensure solar customers stay in tune with industry standards and maintain reliability and efficiency of their solar investments.

Beyond Inverters: Introducing SolarEdge Home Hub Inverters:

For those seeking a comprehensive solution, SolarEdge introduces the Home Hub Inverters, awarded the 2020 PV Magazine #1 inverter. With a record-breaking weighted efficiency of 99% and the capability of up to 200% DC oversizing, these inverters serve as the ultimate home energy managers.

What’s in it for you?

  • Greater energy production over the system’s lifetime.
  • Simplified reporting through the SolarEdge SetApp.
  • Advanced safety features, including module-level monitoring and SafeDC™ technology.
  • Increased system capacity by connecting multiple battery modules per inverter.
  • Easy to expand and grow with your energy needs. 

Why EnergyAid for SolarEdge Upgrades?

At EnergyAid, we understand that sometimes your initial solar installer might not be available for upgrades or services. That’s where we step in to ensure a smooth transition and continued support for your SolarEdge system. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing top-notch service, addressing your specific needs, and ensuring the seamless integration of SolarEdge upgrades into your solar energy setup.

SolarEdge Cell Kit Upgrades: Labor and Responsibility Clarified:

While SolarEdge offers comprehensive solutions, it’s essential to note that labor for cell kit upgrades is not covered by SolarEdge. This includes the physical installation and any associated service charges. At EnergyAid, we take care of the installation process efficiently, ensuring that your SolarEdge cell kit upgrade is performed seamlessly, backed by our expertise in solar solutions.

The Importance of a Pre-Upgrade Inspection:

Before diving into any upgrades, consider scheduling a pre-upgrade inspection with EnergyAid. This step allows us to evaluate your existing solar system, identify potential issues, and tailor the upgrade solution to your specific needs while ensuring you are aware of any potential discounts or manufacture incentives available. An inspection serves as a proactive measure, ensuring that your SolarEdge system is optimized for maximum efficiency and that any potential challenges are addressed before the upgrade process begins.

Embark on this solar adventure with SolarEdge and EnergyAid, where upgrades lead to enhanced efficiency and a greener tomorrow.