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This depends on what type of system you have and how it was installed. Regular cleaning is recommended at least once or twice a year to remove any dirt, grim, pollen, or bird droppings that can affect your solar production. It is also suggested to have your system inspected for any wiring issues that may arise from leaves collecting or wildlife nesting underneath your arrays. By contacting an experienced solar service professional like EnergyAid, you can also have a system diagnostic performed and receive any necessary firmware updates to your inverters by your technician during your annual check up.

Yes! Dust, pollen, and other debris along with bird droppings can limit your production by up to 30% according to studies. It is recommended to have your panels cleaned at least once to twice a year depending on your location and the level of soiling. It is best practice to clean them with a soft-bristle brush and stay away from using any harsh chemicals or pressure washers as this runs the risk of breaking seals and potentially voiding any manufacturer warranty. Contact your local solar professional like EnergyAid for assistance.

This likely depends on whether or not your system was leased or purchased; If it was leased your contract may have been bought out by another asset manager, if you purchased or own your system outright any labor or workmanship warranties would unfortunately be invalid. The good news, however, is that most manufacturers carry warranties ranging from 7-25 years. A certified EnergyAid solar technician can assist with any system diagnostics and help process warranty claims if applicable with the manufacturer(s).

If you have an AC system with micro inverters/optimizers there is likely the ability to monitor your systems production in real time. This does require connectivity to a stable internet connection and may need troubleshooting from a professional if it has gone off-line. DC systems containing a string or central inverter likely have either screen or lighting system to indicate any production/errors. Consult with your owners manual or a local professional like EnergyAid for further assistance.

EnergyAid offers panel cleaning for a flat rate of $249. If you need an annual inspection or are concerned about any production issues we offer full system diagnostics including a visual/electrical inspection of your inverters, monitoring system if present, the modules, racking, and conduit for $299. To have both services performed during the same visit we offer a system diagnosis and panel cleaning for $399. If any issues are found that require repair, the initial diagnostic/cleaning fee would go towards the cost of those repairs*.
*EnergyAid has a $500 minimum trip charge after applied discounts for all service work/repairs
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